Conjured Coagulations
Edgar Fabián Frías

Conjured Coagulations engages nonbinary femme identities and the process of channeling as sorcery and intentional magick. Playing the role of soothsayers from alternative dimensions, each embodied being in Conjured Coagulations transmits a sacred message. What survives patriarchy's grasp? What remains? What re-roots? This video is a spell.

Edgar Fabián Frías is an interdisciplinary artist, therapist, performer, brujx, community organizer, visionary, and leader. Acting as an intermediary, Edgar has used their body to weave a web between ideas, narratives, communities, disciplines, and, most recently, fractured histories.Informed by their Wixárika ancestors and guided by a vast array of spiritual relations, Edgar forges meaning within the liminal, in the name of the Goddess.

As a 2016-2017 land's edge research fellow, they are currently exploring divination techniques and altered states of consciousness as a means of engaging ancestral spirits and developing their performative presence. They plan on bringing this research into their scheduled residency with PAM in Highland Park, and through a shamanic exploration of the borders and ports of Southern California during next year's Getty Funded biennial: Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.