Greetings From Here
Pauline Gloss

The following are three excerpts from Pauline Gloss’ literary sound-art record “Greetings from Here: Audio Postcards in Transition.” The record is an arrangement of a series of audio postcards sent to friends—each constructed improvisationally and spoken directly to tape. She says of the making: “When I originally sent these cards to friends, I wanted them to be able to listen to them anywhere, even on a cellphone.” Each card was spoken, without pre-writing or scoring, directly into a built-in laptop microphone and edited Audacity, a free editing program. All concrete musical elements were unprocessed and built from objects around her apartment.

The full record is available at

Pauline Gloss is a literary sound-artist based in Los Angeles. She runs Spoken Records, a label specializing in the release of work in the text-sound tradition. Her most recent record, "Greetings from Here: Audio Postcards in Transition," has been written about in ARTILLERY Magazine and Sequenza21. She has performed and shown solo work in New York and LA.