ASMR Script for
A Happier You
Megan/M. Henry Milks

Triggers: nail tapping, lips moving over teeth, scribbling, heavy breathing, lip smacks, wet mouth sounds, multi-layered mouth sounds, brushing, whispers, gloves, personal attention, lotion, wet eye blinks, gloves, chirps, unintelligible

I’ve been waiting for you. Clack clack. No. You’re not late. Clack. You’re perfect. Have a seat. Good. Lie back. Thsss. Nnguh. Click. I’m very happy to see you. Click. Relax. Sahhhh. Let’s give you tingles. Sahhhh. You don’t have to stay perfectly still. But stay as still as you can. Perfect. Wonderful. Scrib scrub. Click. I’m breathing softly into one ahhhh. Haaaaaaaaa. Bup bup bup puh. Click. Let’s give you sensation. Clack clack. Plmp. Slrrp. Ssszzmp. Brshshsh. Very nice. I like you. Do you like it when I whisper. Ahhhhh. Haaaaaaaa. I’m putting on my slithp. Crrrmp. Gulg gulg. Squirt. Relax. Sahhh. Lotion feels cool on your skin. Plink. Mmm. Haaaaa. I’m wiping your ear with slrck. Slrck. Very nice. Plink. I like to give you personal attention. Plink plink. Nowhooo. I’m breathing into your ear canal. Whhhhh. Haaaaa. I’m giving you warm oil. Good. Wonderful. How does that feel. Good. You’re perfect. Let’s get rid of your bad bugs. Turn towards yes. Slowly, slowly. Ear down. Ahhhh. Haaaaa. Feel them moving inside you. We’ll collect them in this cup. Pah. Tap tap. Relax. Saaaah. Just let them. Thump. Thump. Squerch. Eeee. Hear that. Here it comes. A little bug. Glub glub. Eeeee. Ahaha. It wants to go back in. Sticky sticky. I’ve got it. Smrsh. Crinkle crnk. Don’t shiver. Stay perfectly still. Good. Wonderful. You’re perfect. Another. All your bugs sliding right out. Let’s squish them. Ready. One. Two. Krrrrsklirt. Ahhhh. Haaaa. You feel better. Oh my. This one is burrowed down deep. Stay still now. Still coming. This one is long—gahhhh haaaaaa. Squirmy squirmy. I’ll just so carefully huh pull it and yes. Squilk. Pip. Krrrlk. Squirt. You’re on your way to a happier you. Oh oh. Pop. Stay still. Drup. Ploop. Ploop. Yes. Ploop. And now your left socket. Tickle tickle. Do you feel that in your ah ah ah. Stay perfectly still. I’ve got it. And another. Pushing out your shhhhh. Do you feel it. We want to make you feel tingles. Yes. Good. Perfect. Zfffzffff snap. Bye now. Come back soon.

Megan/M. Henry Milks is the author of Kill Marguerite and Other Stories, winner of the 2015 Devil’s Kitchen Reading Award in Fiction and a Lambda Literary Award finalist; as well as three chapbooks, most recently The Feels, an exploration of fan fiction and affect. They are editor of The &NOW Awards 3: The Best Innovative Writing, 2011-2013 and co-editor of Asexualities: Feminist and Queer Perspectives.